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Hire better tech talent. Faster.

Talent is the most important ingredient to any successful company.  We are dedicated to finding the optimal match for both companies and technical professionals.


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Build Stronger Candidate Pipelines

You want the best of the best, and those technical professionals are looking at Factor Talent to find their next career challenge.


Use a Data-driven Process

We have data-driven insights to help you that will make an impact on your hiring and retention process.


Accelerate Faster Than the Competition

Studies indicate that partnerships are essential to future company success.  The question in technology is no longer, “Should I buy or build?”, it’s now “Should I buy, build, or partner?” Utilizing a partnership with Factor Talent allows you to maintain focus on your core offerings.

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​What We Offer

Executive Search
  • We know that having a strong Executive team is the difference between a well-oiled machine vs a clunky one. 

  • Our expertise at Factor Talent is placing the best Industry Leaders in hard-to-fill roles to ensure your company is exceeding its potential. 

  • Factor Talent is dedicated to helping top-tier executive talent. 

  • Our extensive industry knowledge, rigorous selection process, and personalized approach enables our team to identify and recruit the exceptional leaders your company needs to thrive in today's competitive business landscape. 

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