Frequently Asked Questions from Talent

As a candidate, why should I use a staffing company?

You can certainly apply to companies directly in your job search but chances are your resume will get lost. We have direct access to hiring managers and match talent to the right opportunity. Our recruiters often hear about open positions before they are posted, meaning we can present you to companies early in their consideration process and use our inside knowledge to set you up for success. Perhaps most important, we study company culture carefully, and we only recommend jobs to you that we know are a solid fit and where you can be successful.

What does Factor Talent do?

Factor Talent is a leader in the search, staffing, and consulting industry.. We focus on building relationships with both clients and candidates, getting to know their exact needs and preferences so we can supply the best match for specific business objectives and company cultures.

Does factor Talent charge candidates?

Factor Talent does not charge candidates.

How do I get in touch with a recruiter at Factor Talent

Any time you submit your resume to a job posting on our site, you will be automatically contacted by one of our recruiters. You can also call us directly.

Can I submit my resume to Factor Talent?

Just hit the “contact us” button on our site and you will have the opportunity to submit your resume.

What companies/employers do you work with and where?

We have a portfolio of clients of differing size and maturity. We work with Fortune 1000 companies, Mid-Sized firms, and VC backed start-ups. Our customer base is all over the US, but in 2020 we have focussed on building out our presence in the Bay Area, and Boston.

How long will it take me to get matched to an opportunity?

The matching process varies in length. Our team is constantly growing our overall job opportunity volume and matching candidates with exciting opportunities.