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Trip Down Memory Lane

This was my team in the bullpen back in 2002. Look at those pants…. Geez!

Our processes were manual, resumes were still printed on paper, and work was done onsite. Tech companies placed a greater emphasis on candidates having hard technical skills and specific programming languages.

The landscape in search and recruiting has changed significantly in the last 20 years. With the advent of online job platforms, screening tools, AI, and remote work, companies have shifted from prioritizing hard skills to soft skills. Our clients are focussed on "fit" more than ever.

While technology has accelerated the talent acquisition process, it has exposed the need for recruiting partners to assess soft skills. It sounds easy, but there are nuances to assessing a candidate's creativeness, persuasiveness, adaptability, and emotional intelligence.

Find a recruiting partner that understands this. Just make sure their pants have caught up to 2023.


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