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Stay Close To Recruiters In Your Network

As recruiters at Factor Talent, we speak with several talented people on the job hunt daily. While we are always excited to add a quality candidate to our network, we may not have the perfect role open for you at the moment.

Checking in with us or any recruiter you have had a positive experience with regularly is a quick and straightforward way to ensure that we are keeping you top of mind and at the front of our Rolodexes; (just kidding, we use slightly more modern tech than that).

It’s as easy as sending a quick email to say hi or providing an update on your current job search. This reminds us to pass along details about any new positions that may have come our way.

As they say, the squeaky wheel gets the grease, which certainly applies in this situation. Following up with your professional relationships can open up new career opportunities, provide industry insights and introduce you to new connections that can lead to greater success in your career. We always like to remind those we work closely with to make circling back with us a regular practice.


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