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Software Engineer (Full-Stack)

Jan 20, 2023

Bay Area, CA (Remote)


This company is building AWS for the sciences, with a mission of improving the world through better healthcare outcomes. They believe that the highest leverage approach to speed up science is through better software and data connectivity.

As a software engineer, you'll help them build the their product, architect our technical strategy, and leave your mark on the company, as well as the biotech industry and broader sciences. You'll wear many hats:

  • Span the stack, from frontend, backend, cloud infra, data infra, to maybe some direct work with biotech hardware too! (No experience needed in hardware or frontend - just a willingness to learn what it takes in a rapidly evolving startup environment)

  • Day-to-day work will be a combination of scrappy implementation to maintain our pace, and careful strategic planning to avoid and reduce tech debt in the future.

  • You'll play an important client-facing role with our founding customers as we prioritize our roadmap and scope out the exact details of our releases. In a technical environment like theirs, engineering and product are inseparable

  • You'll also be a key determinant of our culture, and will help us grow and set norms for the business as we scale

Our Principles

  • Improving lives through better medicine: we’re intensely mission-focused, and are building a highly scalable business to make an impact on society.

  • Kindness: we come from a future where all human beings are treated with dignity, inclusivity, and active empathy, so we apply that to ourselves first in how we hire and treat each other.

  • Transparency: we are one team, and hold that openness is foundational to ensuring fairness, and that our actions tie to our shared mission.

  • Accountability: we believe that trust is the basis for building anything substantial, and stems from our being accountable to ourselves and each other.

What they are looking for:

  • 1+ years of software engineering experience

  • Ability and desire to build from the ground up, stepping nimbly across different domains of technical expertise

  • Strong communication and collaboration skills in both written and verbal forms, as well as via clear, cleanly written code

  • Experience developing thoughtfully designed, highly performant systems in backend web technologies such as Flask or Node

  • Desire to improve software infrastructure for scientists advancing the health and welfare of people

Pluses (but not required by any means!):

  • Experience in a lab or working with scientific instrumentation, lab automation, or robotics in a software context

  • Experience developing pipelines on workflow management software such as Airflow

  • Contributions to open source packages

  • Experience working within a quality, compliance, or GxP framework


  • Remote-first role and culture, with periodic reimbursed travel for the team to meet together

  • Significant equity as an early employee

  • Unlimited PTO & sick days

  • Excellent health benefits (Medical, Dental & Vision), life, and disability insurance

  • Family leave (Maternity, Paternity, Medical, Caregiver)

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