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Senior Product Manager

May 30, 2022

New York, New York (Remote)


Senior Product Manager

Our client is looking for a passionate Senior Product Manager to take ownership over some of our current products (Labor Management, Pay, Mobile, Labor Market) and play a key part in defining and facilitating our product process.

Who You Are:

  • You are empathetic and work well with different personalities and styles.

  • You are a leader

  • You are highly adaptable and are comfortable in an environment with limited resources and quickly shifting opportunities and issues

  • You can internalize the mindset of a customer or user and put yourself in their shoes

  • You provide constructive, direct feedback to teammates' work You are detail-oriented and have an eye for visual design & UX Culture

  • You are a builder, experimenter, and steward of our (still-early) product culture and company culture as it scales

  • You emphasize the importance of data collection & monitoring in measuring the success of the product and efficiency of the team

  • You are an advocate for our customers and users (managers and especially workers)

  • You are an advocate for the product team, and for the engineering team in particular when it comes to managing technical debt

  • You are mindful of remote employees and always strive to keep them included

  • You are proactive in helping hire engineers, designers, and other PMs

  • You work closely with new team members on their first project(s), welcoming them and facilitating their journey to shipping

What You'll Do:

  • You'll strategize on how to leverage the product in creative ways to capture incoming business opportunities, and on how to grow the product toward the company vision

  • You'll provide clear direction for the product across different resolutions (week/month/quarter/year)

  • You'll facilitate direct collaboration between the engineering team, design team, and company leadership. You will also facilitate alignment between these teams and the customer success, marketing, and sales teams

  • You'll create the framework for how to prioritize product features, weighing opportunity size (in protecting and growing our revenue), user experience impact, alignment to mission, and internal cost (technical, customer support)

  • You'll provide clear definition around an outcome and how to measure its success, especially when there are conflicting concerns, e.g. whether making it very high quality, meeting a deadline, or getting something out for feedback

  • You'll QA new releases and make the call on when or how to ship something You follow up after a feature launch to evaluate the impact of our solution and decide whether to take steps to improve it


  • 5+ years' experience of working as a Product Manager

  • Significant experience of managing all aspects of a successful product throughout its lifecycle

  • Significant experience of developing product and marketing strategies and effectively communicating recommendations to executive management

  • Excellent understanding of software development and web technologies

  • Strong problem solving skills and high responsibility

  • Strong written and verbal communication skills

  • MS or BS degree in Computer Science, Engineering or other relevant area

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