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Director of Revenue Operations

Director of Revenue Operations

Thursday, October 12, 2023

Direct Hire

United States

We are looking for a Director of Revenue Operations leader to develop a repeatable, scalable process that develops intelligence across the revenue funnels of our portfolio.  We are looking for a RevOps leader who’s a builder, passionate about community building, knowledgeable in best practices, and interested in bringing SMBs to the next level.

You will get the opportunity to pair with extraordinary leaders from across our business and get the opportunity to drive meaningful value creation at each business.

We believe data drives better decision making, and technology can serve as a force multiplier. As the Director of Revenue Operations, you will work directly with CEOs, CROs, VPs of Sales and Marketing, to develop intelligence across the revenue funnel.  You will help our B2B SaaS companies improve their systems, implement performance metrics, uplevel dashboarding, and use analytics to drive better decision-making.  

You’re Excited About This Opportunity Because You Will:  

  • You will be involved in due diligence with the M&A team, where you will assess the current data environment, technology stack, dashboards, CRM and MAP. You establish a RevOps maturity model to assess current state and prescribe a path forward.

  • For companies we acquire, you will spearhead RevOps investment at each company, which includes a 6-month onboarding sprint, and multi-year RevOps roadmap.  Key objectives include marketing attribution model in place, CRM and Marketing Automation Platforms at baseline level of maturity, tooling upgraded, and revenue data model installed.  You will oversee external vendor relationships to help get some of the work done.

  • As our resident RevOps expert, you will lead project-based work with our companies.  You will develop a menu of RevOps services, and prioritization criteria to guide where you deploy your time and expertise.

  • Lead the RevOps community for all the Sales Ops, Marketing Ops, and Rev Ops talent across the portfolio.  This includes best practice sharing, and organizing and facilitation events.  

We’re Excited About You Because:


  • 8+ years of Revenue Operations experience in fast growth, SMB, B2B Software/SaaS environments

  • 5+ years of commercial and/or revenue operations experience in a role managing analytics, data and/or business systems

  • High diversity of experience across go-to-market models, and translating GTM strategies into system and process requirements

  • High diversity of experience across technology stacks and business systems

  • Experience supporting the scaling of demand generation functions

  • Experience installing attribution methods, and training leaders to use these methods to improve their decision making in the pursuit of growth

  • Experience supporting the scaling of sales organizations

  • Well versed in the sales funnel, with leads, MQLs, SQLs, SALs being basic nomenclature

  • Advanced analytical skills with experience building reports and dashboards in Salesforce, Hubspot and Business Intelligence tools (Looker, Tableau, or equivalent)

  • Demonstrated experience managing vendor relationships.


  • Ability to influence business partners and provide recommendations in order to drive decisions

  • Strong leadership and communication skills for effective verbal and written communications with sales, marketing, customer success, product teams and senior leadership

  • Metrics-driven with demonstrated analytical skills

  • Strong technical skills, with expertise in Salesforce, Hubspot, Google Analytics, Tableau

  • You enjoy solving various business scenarios and thinking creatively to answer difficult questions

  • Certifications preferred: Salesforce Admin, Hubspot, Google Analytics, Pardot, Marketo, Segment, Winning by Design Revenue Architecture

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