Creative Producer

Dec 30, 2019

San Mateo



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• Collaborate with other IT staff and internal customers in new product reviews, tests and pilots.
• Document system functions and cross-functional processes for the IT group and for selected items for internal business customers.
• Provide consulting support on processes and systems issues.
• Elicit, document and analyze stated requirements and functional specifications for cross-functional projects to provide the best solution for business needs.
• Collaboratively design customer review and approved solutions with senior team members.
• Proactively leverage business and functional knowledge of one or more key areas to design solutions that address business needs.
• Identify operational inefficiencies, conflicting business practices and integration issues, suggesting alternative solutions.
• Integrate project activities with Quality Assurance and Software Development teams to ensure successful implementation and support of projects.
• Foster and maintain productive relationships with internal teams and business partners.
• Maintain all project tasks through the production ticket system or project server on a weekly basis. Keep Project Manager informed of any issues.